MySQL for Wildfire DB AND MySQL for Users auth?


  • Latest nightly build - Wildfire 3.2.0 Alpha 0 - I want the HTTP Binding feature

  • RHEL 4.4, JRE 1.6.0

Hi All,

I am trying to achieve a configuration where MySQL is used for the Wildfire DB (i.e. import wildfire_mysql.sql) AND a different MySQL DB/table is used ala Custom Database Integration so that users authenticate using their existing username and password.

I am thoroughly confused at this point.

  1. Is there a document that explains ALL of the parameters one can put into wildfire.xml ?

  2. During setup routine if one chooses to use MySQL as a DB the section that gets written out in wildfire.xml is:


Will provide config once these nagging questions are answered.




Through lots of trial and error I achieved the desired configuration.

Here it is for the next guy:

Good to see you managed to get it going.

For future reference, there is some info on the somewhat hidden wiki