Mysql managing users

hi i am using wildfire

i am using mysql as my main data soure

i am trying to use mysql to dynamicly manage my users contacts

well what i ment dynamicly with mysql using php to dynamicly manage my users contact

the problem is the database has 64 tables and i dont understand the structure of adding contact in the backend mysql

i think the user contacts are located at the table jroster but i cant link it to the user

thank you in advance

if you have any question just ask and i will be happy to answer


it should be the jiveid and the jiveroster table you need to modify. But as Wildfire assumes that it’‘s the only database user it caches the rosters’'s not a good idea to use SQL. The recommended way is to write a plugin and use the Wildfire API to modify the roster.


thank you for answer

do you what api lines i should use to mod the users rosters


I usually don’'t write Wildfire Plugins so I can just jive you the hint to read the Plugin Developer Guide (no idea where one can find it now) and to post in the Wildfire Dev forum to ask questions regarding coding or development.