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MySQL Setup


I am about to split mySQL to it’s own VM from my Openfire 3.9.3 system. I was wondering to setup the DB and the tables etc… do I just need to run the included .sql files in the 4.03 installer and will those work with the older verison of Openfire I am running? I seen in the install files there is about 14 .sql files in the upgrade directory should I run all of those as well for the mysql.sql ones?

I will be moving the data from the old DB to the new DB but years ago when I first started openfire the indexes never got created right so I want to get the tables all made as well as the indexes and then move the data over into them from the old server.

Also does anyone have suggested settings for the my.cnf file for 1500 users with 365days worth of archiving turned on

I’ve included a htop you will see why I want to move mysql to its own machine. Just sucks up the resources from my Openfire machine and I got resources to split them up.

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