MySQL woes (again)

Ok, it looks like I may have spoke too soon thinking I’d been out of the woods in regards to getting MySQL & Openfire “jiving” together!

I got another newb related question to ask. Im in the setup now where its asking for the database info. But I am a bit unsure as to what to put down!

-“JDBC Driver Class”…whats that? Theres something there already but is it right? If not, how do I go about FINDING the correct information?

-“Database URL”…The only reason THIS is bothering me is due to the fact that I could’nt get anything to remotely connect to MySQL. So, what would go here? “localhost” or an actual URL?

Any advice on this next step will be much obliged!


“JDBC Driver Class”…whats that?

simply choose the MySQL thing…

(Its the driver the Openfire uses to access the database)

“Database URL”

If your database is running on the same machine, you have to choose “localhost” or “”. If your database is remote, enter the IP or URL to that machine.

Thanks again Coolcat.

Ok, this is what pops up in the box when I select MySQL: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver. Im just wondering if this is correct or if it needs to be changed? If so, how do I go about finding a replacement. I have JDBC drivers installed. Just not sure where they went to and how to get to them for this.

It keeps telling me to look in the error log and use that to fix the issue but I have not a blue’s clue as to what the heck Im looking for 0.o