N00b Twisted

Hello all,

Im new to jabber and wildfire and twisted. That said, I’‘m trying to send messages via python twisted. It seems to work with certain servers. I registered an account on a public jabber server, and I can send messages using python no problem. However, when I try using the same script to send message on my personal jabber server to local accounts, it doesn’‘t send anything, but doesn’'t give me an error either.

So my main question is: Is there anything that needs to be enabled or setup on Wildfire to enable sending messages using twisted?


I answered my own question. Not sure why it works though.

For posterity:

In my case, the sender’'s user id within the jid.JID() call had to be username@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx while the recipients user name within the reactor.call() had to be username@servername