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Name Attribute update

Hi all,

I don’t really know how to give this post a good title but I hope the current title is sufficient. My problem is the following:

We are running our own OpenFire server and we are using the Smack API library to connect our software to the OpenFire server. This is all working fine. At connectiontime, our software changes the Name attribute of the person who logged in using the software. The OpenFire server is showing the updated name immediately but when an other user request the Name-attribute from the users, the updated name isn’t shown yet! It’s still the previous value.

This problem also occures when using Spark. So when we change the name attribute from the user who logged in using our software, other users connected to our server using Spark don’t see the updated username… It’s only after some time (I don’t know the exact time but the problem isn’t solved by restarting Spark) that Spark (and your software using Smack API) knows that the name has been changed…

Is this a known issue? And is there some sollution to solve this problem? Maybe we have to change some setting of the server? Or something else??

Thanks in advance,

Jan Pannecoeck