Name/Membership change refresh on the client

I searched prior posts, but there are no definite answer (and posts are rather old too).

Here is an issue I encounter:

When some changes are made on the server end via Admin Console - they are not reflected on the client until client (Spark) restarted or user loged off and log back in.

Here is a list of changes that do that.

User removed from the group (LDAP) still show up as “I am not here right now” until re-login

Conference Service removed - still shows up - gives error when trying to access.

Chat Room renamed - change not reflected until relogin

Contact list group name change - change not reflected untill re-login

Is it by design - or there is an option to propagate the change to clients?


noticed that “Enable contact list group sharing” change from All to selected groups behaves as following:

Change was made from ALL to 6 selected groups, (ALL had about 12 groups).

One group drop off the list almost imediatelly, but the rest of the changes were visible next morning. Server service restart will probably make it immediate, but we are looking to roll this product to about 300 active users - so midday service restart is not a viable option.

Ability to reload/refresh/resync Group settings, LDAP is very important, and probably need to be looked into as an option for upcoming versions. I was thinking like either an option to set refresh interval or a button to force it (or both).

Also auto refresh option for SPARK client will be a great add on. Current workaround - relogin into server does not always work if server end not refreshed.