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NAT in wildfire

hi ,

i am currently working on messenger application and now we want to implement audio chat in messenger.

in this messenger wildfire is server and JBother is client.

to implement audio chat in mesenger i was trying to use libjingle but this project is in java so there are many problems to use libjingle.

now want to use JMF but JMF support on LAN. it is fail when proxy come into picture.

i saw that in this ytpe of problem NAT can be useful.

i use jabber techonology.

now anybody can guide me that does wildfire support NAT?

and one more thing regarding wildfire that

does wildfire use this NAT when communication of messages is running?


" http://jstun.javawi.de/ May be useful in solving the NAT issues. STUN is what some VOIP implementations use to connect to clients behind firewalls. " is was Alex did reply to me, I did call my post “Blog: Audio and Video SparkPlug”, it’'s here http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=18911

If you have some ideas or facts to provide you could do it here.

I have no experience with stun. It’'s nice to hear that a lot are working on an audio/video solution.