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Need a customized Sparkweb?

I have recently setup Openfire with Sparkweb and that worked fine.

The entire setup was able to support 2000+

users at a time. Now we have few issues faced during this usage.

  1. It was issue for those who dont have Flash.

  2. A More Broadened Screen ( the Sparkweb has very little room list space)

  3. Single Page, Multi-Tab, Ajax’d Web Interface with support for IE6, IE7, IE8 and Firefox 3.0 or Above

  4. Ability to integrate Google Analytics on individual page headers

  5. Ability to see the participant lists on a sidebar

  6. LDAP Integration

7.The moderator should be able to send alerts to specific users by selecting him from the user list.

8.Only the moderators and Idea Blazers should be able to able to Select + Copy + Paste from the chat window. Normal users should not be able to copy from the chat window.

9.Support for a general user to be able to ping the Idea Blazers or Moderators (On a per room basis)

10.Ability to post a clickable Link

11.By hovering the mouse over any control, there should be help displayed to the user.

12.It should be possible to queue messages from users and facility to maintain the queue.

Few of them were already controlled by Openfire like Reports, LDAP etc.

Is there any robust Tool more efficient than Openfire which is Chat Web Client ?

Please suggest?