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Need a How To- set up default buddy list


i have been scouring the internet in search of a “how to” on creating a default buddy list for my users. i am the director of i.t. for a high school and we are trying to set up Spark (openfire) for the 90 faculty members. after some headaches and trial and many errors i managed to get the openfire to pull from my LDAP and create the users accounts based on this info. …

the spark manual refers to an admins ability to create a buddy list for all users, but i can’t find how to do so anywhere.

any help is appreciated.


First you need a grooup in your LDAP with all your users in it that you want in the default buddy list. Then go to the openfire admin click on the Users/Groups tab, then groups sub link. Now find the group you created in LDAP and click on its name. Enable contact list group sharing for this group, Give it a name as you would like it to appear in the rosters of spark. If you want to publish it to people not in the LDAP group share it with all. I also use the subscription plugin set to accept all requests to make it so people do not need to wait for approval to add a user to their roster.

awesome! thanks so much! works great so far!

Is there any way to do this programmatically? I know how to create groups and add new roster entries but I can’t seem to make the group shared without going to the admin portal.