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Need contributed code of PubSub client

Hi Gato/Matt,

We need the contributed code of the PubSub client.

For now our product is using Smack 2.2.1 and Su_Smack(for PubSub communication) with wildfire 3.1.1.

While testing the Su_Smack with the Openfire 3.3.0 we found some issues in creating collection and leaf nodes.

If we can have the PubSub contributed code, it will be easier to switch to Openfire 3.3.0.

Please do the needful.

Thanks in Advance

Jitendra Chittoda

PS : You can mail contributed PubSub client code to the following mail addresses


Unfortunately, the code isn’‘t in a state where it would “just work”. Otherwise, we would have applied the changes to SVN already. I’'m not finding the code contribution at the moment, but perhaps Gato will be able to dig it up.