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Need help about writing plugin for spark 2.6.0

Hi all,

I am very newer about plugin.I don’t have experience about writing plugin.Now,I want to make plugin in Spark 2.6.0.I takes the times about 3 days at here.Pls help me about that.I only want to know steps of making plugin.I used Sparkplug kit.But it is low version.It is not ok for spark 2.6.0.Pls help me asap.Thank in advance.

Pls read this http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/sparkplug_kit/docs/latest/sparkplug_dev_gui de.html

this is a very useful guide.

Hi yujiaao

Thank a lot for your help.I already read this site.Very useful for me.But I have problem until now.I download quote.jar file.I place it into programfile/spark/plugin.It work fine.

Then I used sparkplug kit.I work the instructions from http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/sparkplug_kit/docs/latest/sparkplug_dev_gui de.html.

I take the code (*.java) of quote.jar. I place *.java file at sparkplugs/builder/src and update plugin.xml.I get myplugin.jar(quote.jar) file.When I place it into programfile/spark/plugin.It don’t work.How it may be.Pls help me again.I can’t make my own plugin until now.Thank for any answer.

Perhaps you duplicate the java class names, before install the new plugin, remove the old one.

Now,I can make plugin.Thank a lot for your help.But my plugin read only ‘en’ properties files.Can’t read my language properties files.My language does not include at spark.So I already made to get with my language.Alought I change language,plungin’s text doesn’t change.How do you think about that?Pls give your suggest.Thank in advance.

If you could translate spark into your language we can add this language into spark.