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Need help freeze after open history chat

hello, my spark chat is freeze after i open my history chat. My conversation history is indeed since 2019.
and i checking my task manager this spark using 300.000K in memory. im using this spark in windows 7.
can anyone help me? thank you

Yes, I tested with a large history file and Spark freezes. I looked at the code and when opening the history, Spark tries to upload the entire file, this is not correct. The GUI waits for the file to be fully read and displayed. I added this problem to the backlog, I hope we will fix this bug in the next releases.


Hello Sir Ilya,

thanks for your response…
i dont have background in IT
could you explain more details step by step? thank you…

I think you have a flag set in your message history to show all messages. you will need to go to any other user in the message history and set a flag to show messages for one day / one month. I think with this parameter you will not freeze Spark.

In the latest nightly builds of Spark(

), you can set an additional period - one day / one week.

I hope this solves your problem at least partially.

in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Spark\spark.properties change

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hello Sir,
i still understand this terms “set a flag” mean
thank you