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Need help in configuring OpenFire

I recently started playing with OpenFire. I downloaded the latest version and installed on my Virtual private server (1&1.com). I also bought a domain xyz.com on GoDaddy. The domain name of the OpenFire is (abc.us).

What changes do I need to make to VPS, 1&1.com or GoDaddy to make it work for Spark Client from other computers. I am lost. Spark client installed within VPS work fine but those over internet don’t.

Please help. I am newbie (worth to mention).


What are you putting into Spark’s server field?

Openfire’s domain should be the same as you host domain. But you should also link xyz.com to 1&1.com, via DNS. I haven’t done this, so i can’t tell how exactly. You can always use an IP of the virtual server to test if you can connect to your server at all.

Did you also buy abc.us? It may be very confusing to use xyz.com as server name and abc.us as xmpp.domain. choosing one or the other domain name would be a good idea.