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Need help in installing openfire on a desktop

Hello everyone,

I want to install openfire on a desktop and not server. I’ll be using spark as the client and MySQL as the database. I want to use openfire for my intranet and file sharing should be completely disabled!

This chat app will be used by 100 people (simultaneously).

Will there be issues if I setup this on a desktop and not a server?

Also, what if I only use inbuilt database of openfire and not MySQL? Will this still support 100 users?

Thanks for reading. I would appreciate any help that I can get.

Yes, you can install it on a desktop and use the internal database for 100 users. Though, if you have MySQL already available, you should use it. It is more robust and easier to backup. Internal database is saved in a text file in Program Files\Openfire\embedded-db\

You can disable file transfers in Spark by installing Client Control plugin in Openfire and changing the option in Client Management menu. Though file transfers are not going through the server, they are peer-to-peer.