Need help on LDAP profile setting step 1 of 3

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Need some help from all of you. Currently i having problem on the Base DN. We cant set more than 2 ou on Base DN? We have 2 branches 1 is call S 1 is call M. If i key in 2 ou 1 is S 1 is M not allow to do it,if either 1 then is working fine. Please refer my pic to ease your understanding.

If i just key in dc=openfire-ad,dc=ofmessenger.local is work, but after finish the setup and console to the openfire Users/Groups page is showing a lot of not related account such as our file server permission group, other administrator account, sql account, pc/laptop name…


You’ll probably need to use ldap filters. Here are a few that I’ve used in the past

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