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Need help on openfire 3.7.1

Hi to everybody!

I’ve manage to install openfire server 3.7.1 on ubuntu server lucid 64 bit.

I created users, group, service with chat rooms

I manage to sent file/files between users.

Client used are: spark, gajim, jidvi

It is posibible to send a file /multiple file on chat rooms, or even to mutiple users?

I want to use voice and video future in some situations, it is posible? what plugin must be installed (I’ve install jingle, and open firewall ports: 30000 - 50000 on UDP)

Thanq you for your support!


Did you already do this?

I also installed openfire server 3.7.1. We areusing a different chat company

and I’m planning to start using openfire on the company I work for.

But we need to have this option, to send file to multiple users, like some kind of

message with a file attachment.

Thank you very much…