Need help, please.....xmpp.pep.enabled...restarted Openfire....can't connect chat client now or use admin console

**I’m running Openfire 3.6.4 on a linux server. **

Through the Admin Console I went through Server, Server Manger, System Properties, then to Add New Property…

Property Name: xmpp.pep.enabled

Property Value: false

Then I restarted Openfire.

Now, I can’t connect a chat client or connect to the admin console.

Can anyone give me a push in the right direction to fix this problem?

I’d appreciate it greatly.

Remove the line from the Database/datasource in the table ofProperty? reboot server -> try again

Not finding anything.

Could you or someone possibly give me a more definite path?

Depending on what database you use its a different path to the exact table but the tables should be named the same no matter what database you use as far as i know.

If MS-SQL as in my case, the path would be

Openfire[the database name].dbo.ofProperty, where there should be 2 tables, one “name” and one “propValue”, here look for the row with “name=xmpp.pep.enabled” and “propValue=false” and delete that row from your database.

Then reboot the openfire server and it should be gone from OF.

If you have mysql the database path dont have the .dbo. and is then named “Openfire.ofProperty” with the same column names and so on

If you have any other datasource where the settings is saved then i cannot help you.

The last solution i would know is to rerun the installation and hope that the datasource is nuuked, but then all of your settings will be nuked and you have to remake everything so i would NOT suggest that you do that…

**I’m still trying to find the ofProperty table. We’re using openfire’s embedded database. **

I’m still not that familiar with Linux.

Thank you for the replies, though.