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Need help to correctly set LDAP groups


I just updated Openfire from 3.7.1 to 3.9.3 and it seems I cannot make it read any group from AD or at least to display all users in Spark.

I have the following AD structure



OU=1200 OU (company departments)

CN=John Doe user

CN=OPENFIRE user (openfire administrator)



CN=Jane Doe



CN=John Doe_administration


CN=John Doe_7000


CN=John Doe_7100


OU= (some OU’s not needed for Openfire)

CN= (some CN’s not needed for Openfire)


CN=1 GNR group (empty groups, not used anymore)

      CN=All Users                 group     (distribution group - universal, users with email and also some users without email)

I have set the following:

Base DN: OU=accounts,DC=,DC=

Admin DN: CN=OPENFIRE,OU=1200,OU=accounts,DC=,DC=

User mapping set as default.

Group Mapping set as default (tried several settings but no success)

I have tested “1. Connection Settings” - OK

I have tested “2. User Mapping” - OK - rahdom users profile OK

I have tested “3. Group Mapping” - Error, no groups shows

Need help to add users in Spark clients eighter by their groups or at least to show all users grouped by online/ofline status

In Openfire 3.7.1 I had all users grouped by online/offline status

I don’t really need groups.

Thank you

You’ll want to make your base DN the root of your domain, then use search filters.to pull only the information out of ldap that you are looking for.

Here is an example.

I have tried that way too. No luck.

I have tested my settings several times.

The settings above get all the users from my AD.

If I change something no users displayed