Need help with LDAP Server 2k8

Good evening everyone,

I made the mistake today of assuming that my current openfire installation pointed to a different domain controller, and demoted a machine to a regular server in my domain, wreaking havoc to my VPN and Openfire. My old layout in Spark was by group, Payroll, Benefits, IT, etc…

I have an active directory structure in which I’ve created a group under the “Users” container named “OpenFire IM.” All of the users I want to have access to Spark are in the OpenFire IM group.

Going through the setup, step 1 and step 2 work absolutely fine and I can see my users are being read by Openfire. When I advance to step 3, I don’t know what to put where it asks for group, member, & description.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to enter in the group information to appear as it was before? Let me know if you need screenshots or anything, and I’ll gladly provide. Send a PM to discuss via e-mail. I am standing by as this is a very high priortity item for me to fix.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I should add - I finished the setup last night, but I still have the group setup wrong. Myself and my users are able to log in, and I see all the correct users in the admin console, but we cannot see one another in the program. In the “Groups” tab in the admin console, the users do not show up in the correct groups in active directory.

Any help is much appreciated.



New update - I decided to set up openfire regularly without LDAP to add an admin with with acces to the web portal, and the changed the openfire.xml setup properly to false,and went back and added in the appropriate LDAP settings. I can properly see my groups and users in the admin console. I am able to login, as well as the rest of my users, but in the Spark program, we are unable to see one another unless we add each user into our contact list.

What is my next step? Please let me know if any of you have any ideas.



The last issue I was having was just not sharing the groups. Is it possible in the setup to do this without having to do this manually after rebuilding the server?


this is how I set up my groups…Once I have everything set the way I want it, I can pretty much manage it from AD.