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Need help writing a rule for the content filter

Hi, I am trying to write a rule in the content filter to block the (.) emoticon. The jiggling boobs one. Yeah.

Anyway, I have tried “(.)”, “(\Q.\E)”, “\b(.)\b”, “\Q(.)\e”, “\Q(\E\Q.\E\Q)\E” none of these work. I understand that Java treats both the parentheses and period characters as special meta characters, so I cant figure out how to get it to just block (.)

Any ideas?

As an aside, where are the emoticons kept, are they server side, or client side? What directory are they kept in? It would be great if I could delete that whole emoticon pack and not have to write a content filter. Is this possible?

Anyone? It cant be too hard, I’m just not going about it right.

emoticons are client side. spark does not support the one you are trying to block to the best of my knowledge.

Isnt there a way using the content filter to block the string “(.)” though? That should keep the emoticon from being used, right?

Alternately, is there a place where the alternate emoticons are stored, client-side that I can delete them from?