Need help

Following Plug-in are Given below :-

  1. Nick Registeration Plug-in … (Minimum 5 Letters/Digits , Maximum 25 Letters/Digits) (Space,Dot,Dash,UnderScore,Simple Nickname)

  2. ids Colored Plug-in (Black,Blue,Green,Purple,Pink,Golden,Red) <= ids Must be in BOLD Letters

  3. Invisible Monitor Room / Invisible Access Room Plug-in (Owner/Admin Can Go Invisible in any Room)

  4. Main Page Chat Room , Admin Panel Plug-in (Room Owner,SuperAdmin,Admin ==> @) (They Can Dot/UnDot the
    Users, Dot 3 Kinds (Text Dot,Mic Dot,Vedio Dot), They Can Also Bounce/UnBounce The User in Room, They Can Also Ban/UnBan The User in Room)

  5. Server Ban/UnBan User id or ip or Activate/Deactivate User id Plug-in (Owner Can Ban Any id Through Server Panel or Ban any user ip Thro

We sill don’t know “WHAT IS THE QUESTION” here. Are you trying to design such plugin(s) and you are looking for how-to? Or you are looking for plugin with such functionality?