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Need LDAP Help!

I installed JM using an external Microsoft SQL server for the database at first. This setup worked perfect.

However, we decided to use LDAP for authentication against our windows 2003 domain.

I used a config file from one of the threads as a template and edited the settings to accommodate our environment. I have it pasted below: Now whenever I go to the main page to login it keeps repeating the setup wizard and prompting me to fill out all the info for database, user name, etc… Anyone have any ideas??? Nor am I able to login with any of our domain accounts using Exodus client.

When Jive does that it means that your xml file is in an invalid format.

Look at one of your last lines,.

Cool, that fixes that issue. However, now I can login to the admin console using the authorized user. But I can’'t login using any of my Active directory users via the Exodus client. It just tells me trying to connect\disconnected.

are the users showing up in the web admin console?

Yes users show up in the console. It looks like I was finally able to get logged in via the Exodus client by specifying the JM server instead of checking auto discover host. However, now when I add users the client list just stays blank. If I hover the mouse over the blank area it says the user that I added is offline, but the user shows to be online in the console. I’'ve played with the toggle to show all users but still nothing.

Anyone have any ideas???

Add the following line to your XML file under LDAP.

<![CDATA[(&(sAMAccountName=)(objectClass=user))]]&g t; I tried adding the line as above and as the last line in the LDAP section but neither one would allow me to connect anymore. So I had to remove it, and now I can connect again. When we add users to the contact list, everyone shows under Offline with Pending next to their name. And if you send a message to one of the contacts, they don''t get the message until they logoff and log back in. Weird......