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Need Some Customize on SparkWeb

SparkWeb is best online IM tool i’m using. But there are 2 customisation I really needs. (I attached screen for clarify)

  1. I need to change sparkweb logo on page. How do i do?

  2. I need to disable Create Account function. How?

I searched about this topic around archives. But there is no exact answer. Please help.

That is contained in the file "SparkWeb.swf ", so I don’t think you can change it quickly. You may be able to decompile using Flash, but that sounds rough.

The source code is available here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/source.jsp. That is probably your best bet.

I’m a web programmer. OMG i saw the sources. Admins it’s really helpful if, there is xml file or something to webmasters for simple customisation. Any way good project i’ll try for this customization.