Need some help debugging a customized XIFFExample.swf


I’ve started a very basic chat client based on the sample client delivered with the XIFF2 package, the XIFFExample.fla.

The client works perfectly when ran as a standalone app in the flash player but seems to have troubles running as embedded in a web page.

I’va attached the fla & php file I am using. The main differences between the original fla and my version are :

  1. I Removed the Room support (since I need a 1-to-1 chat)

  2. Added a debug function that display misc data in Red

  3. At the line 160, I’ve hardcoded a nickname “debbie” to chat with. It can be changed of course.

  4. In the php file, I pass my nickname on the server, the server and the domain as flashvars.

I have a feeling the problem lies in point 4 … anyway, thanks for helping me.
chat.rar (239113 Bytes)

In the chat output window, it shows “Connected: true”, which means it is connected to the server (check the last line in the script).

But it does not show the eventObj.Type which means it is not executing the line “debug(eventObj.type);”, which in turn means the Event Handler seems to be not working at all :s

Any idea ?

any help please ?


can anyone give it a try plz