Need some help with IRC gateway

I can’t seem to find any docs that explain exactly what this plug-in does wrt IRC servers and could use some help or pointers to documentation. Basically, I run an IRC server on the same server as my Openfire server and would like to link these two things together at a room level. Is this possible? If not, what is it exactly that this plug-in -does-? Does it just link users? How? If I point the plugin to localhost with my IRC server’s port, it passes the “Connect Test”, but I’m not sure what that is telling me. When I go to the Registrations section, it’s asking me for a username and password and a nickname. What are these for? Most IRC servers do not -require- a username and password. Should the nick be -my- nick on the IRC server? How do I ‘log in’ to the IRC server? Basically, I’m totally lost about how the IRC server works, what it is supposed to do, or how to configure my Openfire server and Pidgin client and IRC server in order to use this.

Can anyone help me out here?


Howdy, the IRC transport does not really ‘link together IRC and XMPP’ or anything like that. Rather, it treats IRC like any other transport. If you had an XMPP account and wanted to speak to people over your AIM, ICQ, etc accounts (and IRC) that’s what this is for. The username is required and if the server doesn’t require it, it’s simply passed as your username to the server (it needs -something- … most clients take your current login name — come to think of that maybe i should do that as well, i could take the username portion of the JID anyway something to think about for later) Password is completely option. Nickname is required as that’s your IRC nick. I agree that the transport is a little confusing right now. I haven’t gotten around to coming up with a better way to “present” things with it. At some point I put it together as a proof of concept and it works well with some servers fine. (like freenode and such) Anyway I -think- this might not be exactly what you are after. It sounds like what you are after is more something that would allow Openfire it act as an IRC server on an “IRC network” so to speak and people could join from XMPP or from IRC and get to the same place. That’s something I’d love to see at some point but I don’t think it exists right now.


I figured this out last night actually. It does exactly what I was hoping it would! Now folks who IRC can IRC and folks who would rather use an XMPP client can do so too and both talk in the same IRC room.

As for the understandability of the module, I don’t think the presentation of the UI is really the confusing bit. I’m of the opinion that really, it just needs to be documented more thoroughly, perhaps with some example use cases and configurations.

Thanks again!