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Need some help with web clients!

I’m in the process of developing a web based client for my website (like gmail or facebook chat). I installed open fire (lattest version) and I have it working with spark or sparkweb.

Does any one know a good JavaScript based client for a website?

I’m using IIS and Coldfusion for the website development.

Thank you,


thank you for spam!

I didn’t spam… I’m looking for a web client, so I’m asking for some advices.

try kaazing gateway , I have installed it and runed a web client with openfire successfully.

no spark,no flash, only javascript provided by kaazing .

kaazing gateway

Is Free of cost or have to pay for that . Asking this because there is no mention of rate and written like demo. So.

I tried with IJab . bur Unable to run with openfire…

Tried almost all setting in conf file of IJab…

If you get . Please let me know.