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Need suggestion howto implement groupchat that can receive missed messages when get back online?

First, I am not very familiar with openfire server. Thanks for reading my silly questions :

  1. My understanding of MUC group chat: when user gets offline for like 1 day then comes back online, user will NOT be able to receive the messages during the absence ?

  2. If above is true, is it possible to implement a group chat using pub-sub instead of MUC (this way user will receive messages missed during offline time), is there a limit on how many users can be both pub and sub at the same time ?

Thanks !

If you have history enabled for that room, he will get older history of that room.

Thank you ! I will try it.

Hi Wroot,

I installed Monitering service plugin, enabled group chat history to 100 message, made room persistent. But still only receive the last message when user log back in from absence. Can you please help ? Anything I may have missed ?


Hi Wroot,

My mistake, it works in general. Seems my client side did not receive couple messages right after user lost internet. And also did not receive last message. Must be a timing / timeout issue. I will test more. User did receive multiple messages sent about 10 seconds after internet loss. Any suggestion how to fix this ?

Many Thanks!

Hi Wroot,

Must be my bad, it works. Thanks !