Need to know VOIP client question asap


I am currently testing Wildfire/spark. So far I think it’‘s a great product. However, I noticed that Spark doesn’'t have VOIP client capability (SIP, or whatever). We must have this. I also read that Jive is working on integrating it with “Jingle” which will give it that ability.

We are currently using Skype and want to replace it with a more secure corporate client\server setup.

When can we expect VOIP client capability in Spark? I really need to know before 10am tomorrow (EST) to get everything in our budget.


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There is an Asterisk Plug in for Spark/Wildfire. We have been testing it not only with spark but Zimbra (email server). Hand some trouble with the last version of Wildfire and Asterisk, but I hear version 3 is better.

You have a ton of client options. You aren’‘t stuck on using Spark, though I recommend it. The Jive Software team has hinted at adding voice and video for a while, but no real commitment yet (that I’‘ve seen). There are good and bad to all other clients. Many do offer voice and video. Just Google for “Jabber Client” and you’‘ll get more than you’'d want to try out.

You might try this one. Jabbin.

It seems to claim to be what you want.