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Need to save data from XMPP server

i am new to XMPP. I was working on sending a mesage from one client and receiving it at the other end. It worked fine. i used Smack API.
Now, I want to store all the messages that has been received by the XMPP server and store it in a DB. This is for the admin.
Initially I thought of having a Global acct so that all the sender shld send one packet to their intended receiver and one packet to the global acct. But sending two packets might be costlier.
Is there any other way to perform this?

Thanks in advance



please take a look at the existing plugins, there is already a monitoring plugin.


Thanks for the reply!!..I used the monitoring plugin to store the messages…It worked!!..But I have a fear that when i have like 10000 connections to the openfire xmpp server and this monitoring server plugin is used, will the storage of the messages have any overlead problems?..I couldnt judge much on the scalability…

I tried to use the monitoring plugin…But i could see major performance issue. W/o plugin, I could able to finish the entire process in 15 mins(w/o storing offline messages) having 4000 concurrent users sending a message every 10 secs. But when i turned on hte Monitoring plugin, it nearly took 5 times the actual time…I closed the program after tht so I dont know how much time it would hav taken actually…So ll this really take this much time??