Neos and spark lost connection with wildfire server


Im starting to use wildfire! and is great.

But i have a question: i has used neos with jabber server, and the connections was very stable. but with wildfire, the IM client, simply disconect many times in the day. I try to use spark too, thinking to the problem was related with the neos, but disconnect equal.

What i need to search to found what is the problem? im very interested to change jabber to wildfire, but thats persistent disconnections is a big problem :S

Thanks for your help!



did you activate keep-alive within Neos and are you “Online” while you get disconnected?

Are you disconnected after 30 minutes?



Thank for your help!

You are correct! im using the keep-alive and im “online” while i get disconnected.

and im disconnected after 30 minutes.

i cant found any information in the wildfire server related with the disconnection after 30 minutes

Thanks in advance.


set “xmpp.client.idle” to -1 and restart Wildfire as described in or to get rid of the problem.