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Neos & Jive Events


I have Jive Messenger 2.2.0, and my users love to use NEOS as client ( version 1.1.1 (u) ), but i get issues from all of them because when they log in they keep looking some server events like:

someuser@someserver has removed you from his contact list

I store all the user groups in the server so if a new user comes in, he/she just login and evertyhing will come, but even new users get that events from user which where deleted.

So my question is:

How can i stop that from happening in that specific client ( already try to contact the neos developers ) or where in the Jive database are these events so i can just delete them since i already try deleting the jiver logs but i still got that events…

I would really like to use that client since all of my users love it, but they don’‘t like that and i wouldn’'t like to change the client for the whole company.


These events are needed by neos in order to keep your roster up to date. It seems to me that they are meerly notifying the user of these events, the way to get rid of this would be if there was something in the configuration to disable add and remove notifications. If not, then you are left to asking the neos developers for at least an option to do this.


Already ask them , even there is an option to not show them but it still does.

I just think a normal users doesn;t need to see all that info but neos keep showing even after i disable it.


I’'ve seen this is JAJC as well.

A few weeks ago, I replaced a few PSI installs and installed JAJC as an alternative. After that some people started reporting “User X has requested removal from your roster” or something like that. The weird thing is they don’'t get removed, there is no one asking for the removal. It seems to be related to roster groups and who can “see” roster groups.

I made some changes to the roster groups after having these JAJC clients connected and that seems to be the origin of these messages. I just assumed it was JAJC having a problem and “regurgitating” the request.

I’'ll do some tests to see if there is anything I can narrow down as to how one might reproduce this.


btw, there is 1.2.1 version of neos already.

Yes, you are correct as the roster groups being removed in the XMPP sense. This is a shortcoming of the fact that shared groups is a non-standard XMPP protocol so basicly when you can’‘t see a group it has to be removed from your roster, there would be no other way for the client to otherwise recognize that it can’'t see the shared group or shared user anymore.

Hope that explains it a bit better:


Well, for example i create a test user to show one of my tech guys how to do it, then i remove the user and everyone gets the message about that user removing them from his list …

Also in my particular case all the groups are public and configured so all group are in all rosters.

That is the correct behavior because the user is being removed from their roster.


Yes, i have seen such behavior time to time when i was testing clients. But yesterday i have tested this with Exodus, neos and Psi at home (JM 2.3.0 alpha 1) and there were no messages about removed contacts. I was removing only public contacts, not groups, though.

That would be a correct behavior if you get 1 notice, but not a notice everytime you login

I didn’'t realize that you were receiving it everytime you logged in. Do you have a packet trace to help track down the cause? And have you tried it with different clients?

I’'m wondering if the issue is that Neos interprets all presence subscriptions not of type BOTH as somebody removing a subscription from you. This would be a poor assumption, as one-way presence subscriptions are perfectly valid.


Hey guys,

Sometime ago a kind of similar problem was reported and I think that the problem was that the client was not responding to the unsubscribe notification. The server will keep on sending the unsubscribe notification to the client until the client responds an “ACK” to the server. Is it possible to open a traffic window or XML debugger in Neos so you can paste the XML being sent and received when a user is removed from a shared group?


– Gato

I didn’'t realize that you were receiving it everytime

you logged in. Do you have a packet trace to help

track down the cause? And have you tried it with

different clients?

Yeah, the problem is with neos, some other users use gaim and it doesn’’ t show the notices, also like 2 people used exodus with no problems at all, but 97% of my users wants NEOS because of the whiteboard but they don;t like it the notices problems

I will paste the XML debug in a while then

you should upgrade to the latest neos version, test it and submit bug or request report. There is one of neos developers at this Forum even, but i dont remember he’'s nickname. Anyway, i have reported some time ago about other issues and these issues were solved eventually.

Hi Ronnie,

When I answered your mail back in october I didn’'t know that you were receiving the notifications more than one time per user.

If you are still interested in a fix for this email me (htylim at novamens.com) and I will try to look at it.