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Neos with poor video quality

Hi out there!

I played around with neos 1.2.1 trying to setup video conferencing. It works but the quality of the video stream is not what I expect it to be. My users are comparing the neos with clients like Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger or others … And these have better picture quality.

There is no load on the wildfire host. It shouldn’'t be a perfomance issue.

Has anyone had the same problem? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


Isn’'t Video point to point like filetransfer on Neos…

I don;t think the server actually touches the video stream does it?

I do not know. I found neos and tried it. There is not too much documentation about it’'s architecture.

But I will do some testing…

Yeah, one thing to look out for is that it likes to go auto away and stop sending packets to the server, thus it drops off the server and you have to log back in. The Neos developers say that it isn’‘t their clients problem, and when I showed them the server logs entry, they still said it wasn’'t their issue. To be honest you might want to look for a second client to test, I am not convinced the Neos is an A Team pick for IM …


you may have found out that Neos uses H.323 and the video quality has nothing do to with Wildfire.

Menu -> Tools -> Configuration: H.323

You can specify the available bandwidth, you may want to set it to 100MBit.

You can also the video size from QCIF to CIF.