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Nested Goups

Is it possible in JM to nest groups such that groups B and C are members of group A automatically–without manually adding members of B and C to A?

Group A

– User 1

– User 2

– Group B

  • User 3

  • User 4

– Group C

  • User 5

  • User 6

i’'m doing tyhis like that:


Group Display Name: MainGroup




Group Display Name: MainGroup/NestedGroup



And i use Exodus which has support for nesting ( / is a default symbol for nesting). And it shows hierarchy as it should







So, it’'s mainly client-side feature. AFAIK Exodus is the only client which support that. Though i havent tested all possible clients. Just few popular.

I, too, use Exodus and see that I can nest groups there, but I’'m looking for a server-side solution to nesting so that users automatically “see” the nested groups. Thanks for your input, though…

i dont think it’‘s possible without client-side support. How you imagine server changing the way client forms the roster? Groups, ok. I think any client supports that. But nesting… it’'s a complex structure and if there is no code for this in client it cant be done, IMHO.

Now that I think of it, I don’‘t really care how the nesting appears in the client[/b] as long as it’'s nested logically on the server[/b].

For example: I have 4 groups that often need to receive broadcasted messages as if they were a single group. As I have it configured now, I have my 4 groups, plus a 5th group that contains the members of the 4 previous groups. I have to add/delete members in both places, which can be messy.

What I’'d like to be able to do is nest the groups logically[/b], so that any member of groups 1, 2, 3, and 4 will automatically be a member of group 5.

If nesting isn’‘t possible on the JM server, another way to do a similar thing would be to allow group assignments in the user’'s[/b] properties, such that I could have a user “joe” who I could view and add to “group 1” and “group 5” from his[/b] propery page, without needing to add him in the property pages of those groups[/b].

so, this is not a nesting as i understand that

Well, yes, it’‘s not very convinient to create such mixed groups in Admin Console. Though not very complex either. You are not playing with roster every day, are you? I’'m using scuh groups BTW, and this is not a problem to me to add one person to another group or two.

There was a proposition i recall to assign user to a group via dropbox at user creation page. So there could be a selection box, and admin could be able to select any number of groups to assign user to. The same selection box could be in User Properties page to reassign user easily without going through all groups.

i have read your post again and now i understood it in other way.

It sounds interesting. Could this be possible to have group as a members of group and not only a users. So then you dont have to mess with deleting users from all groups. You just delete user from group1 and group5 updates itself. But i’'m not sure if this couldnt break shared groups functionality.

That’‘s what I’‘m after, exactly. What if a user changes jobs and they need to be in a different group(s)? As it is now, if I have them in more than one group, I have to remember to remove them from both, whichknowing how my brain worksisn’'t likely to happen.

If we could “nest” the groups as in my latest example, when I remove “joe” from Group 1, he is automatically removed from Group 5.

On the other hand, if group membership could also be handled per user[/b]selecting the groups a user belongs toit’'d be very simple to remove “joe” from Group 1 and 5 and insert him in Group 6 or 10 or 43 in one place[/b], instead of 3 places.

Hey reison,

I agree with you that being able to configure the groups of a user in one page will be a good solution for you. Anyway, the idea of nested groups is also cool. I filed the issue JM-342 for the groups per user page. You can now vote for it.


– Gato

Thanks, Gato–I just voted…