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Nested groups causing intermittent freezing

Hi all,

We have an Openfire 4.4.4 server running with embedded DB with about 100 users on it.
Recently, we have found the need to use nested groups with Spark as the client.
All copies of Spark are on 2.8.3 with embedded JRE

Shortly after beginning to add nested users, myself and others have noticed intermittent freezing in Spark. There doesn’t seem to be a specific trigger, but when it freezes, the chat window and the Contact list become unresponsive for ~10 seconds, and then it continues running as usual.

This is running on a CentOS7 VM with 4GB RAM and 2 CPU cores, and doesn’t seem to be wanting any resources. Java usage sits steady at about 300MB.

The nesting isn’t very complicated, so I didn’t think it would cause issues:

There are about 20 groups in total.

Is this something that has come up before or anyone has dealt with?

Here the problem is in Spark.
If you look at these topics and look at Jira, it becomes clear that these problems still exist.
I tried nested groups yesterday, I have Spark freezing =)

Now there are no active developers, therefore we use “as is”.