Nested Groups

I am currently using Openfire 4.0.1 with Spark Clients. My groups are being pulled from Active Directory.

Is it possible to do multiple layers of nested groups? I’m looking to do something such as “Physical Location” -> “Department”-> “Sub-Department”, where both the “Department” and the “sub-department” contain users.

I have an AD group named “NCSalesChat” - This contains all of the salespeople for this location. I have another group named “NCSalesBDCChat” - This contains the handful of people I would like separated.

“NCSalesChat” - I can create “North Carolina”->“Sales” by using “North Carolina :: Sales”, and it shows properly in Spark.

“NCSalesBDCChat” - I can also create “North Carolina”->“Sales”->“BDC” by using “North Carolina :: Sales :: BDC”, and it will show properly in Spark.

The trouble is, they remain separate in Spark… I have (2) “Sales” listings under “North Carolina”, one of which has all the users designated to the “Sales” group. The other has no users except for the “BDC” sub-group (and it’s users shown under it).

Is there any way to achieve what I am looking to do? Thanks for the Help!

I believe this is part of the long-standing issue [SPARK-709] Nested groups not displaying properly. - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Nothing can be done about this until someone provides a patch with a fix for this.

Thanks for the quick response, and thanks for linking this to the existing bug report.