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Network Failure user status update on server takes too much time

When client facing network failure Openfire taked toom much time to update that user’s status from online to offline.

I shoud be update as soon as client disconnected from network.

While openfire taked 60-180 seconds to update user status because of this user during this 60-180 secons client lossed messages.

You can add a system property in Admin Console: xmpp.client.idle

and set it to some value in miliseconds. I have it as 30000, which means that Openfire closes idle sessions (which are not showing signs of life, not sending keepalive packets) after 30 seconds. You can make it shorter, but then you can have lots of sporadic disconnects with your clients, especially if connection is not good.**

Thanks for you reply

i already set it to just 1 second but it still taking same time to disconnect user.

Usually it takes some time for this setting to get applied. But you can try restarting the server after setting it to make sure it is applied. In my testings it works, it takes 30 seconds to change the status after i plug off the cord out of my PC. Try setting it to 10000 or 30000 first to see if that works. Even if you set it to 1 milisecond, this can’t guarantee 100% that you won’t lose any message. There are some other protocols to mitigate this, but not all are supported by Openfire.

OF-434 - a client has to have support for this, to show that message has been received by the other side (or not). Spark doesn’t support that.

OF-446 - Openfire doesn’t support it. Smack/Spark doesn’t support that either.