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Network Profile


Is there a way to configure/install Spark so that the users profile configuration is saved to a network drive?

I see that it is currently being saved to their local user profile on the c drive, but since we use VM’s…once they get refreshed…their setting are gone. This is what we want to avoid.

Many thank in advance!


not that I know of. many (most?) programs are going to save some stuff to %APPDATA%. Perhaps you should investigate using a network location for the users home space. With AD, you can set the users home to be a network location, so that things like this can be saved on the network.

Hi SnakeDoc,

Thanks for the reply.

We currently have the users Home directory on the Network “maps a Z drive\username” but it still places the data on the C drive.

Any other info you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!


Spark is going to create a directory called “Spark” wherever the user’s %APPDATA% directory is. If this is till mapped to the C: drive, then it will put it there.

Open the run box as the user and type %APPDATA% and click “OK”… see where it takes you. My guess is it still is mapped to the local C drive as you noted.

I would just make sure you are aware, re-mapping %APPDATA% will make all programs use this new mapping, potentially a lot of data being sent over the network, etc. I don’t think windows supports symbolic links still (limitation of the very old NTFS), so just re-mapping only the Spark %APPDATA% directory is not an option

Thanks SnakeDoc!

I appreciate your info…that helps me a lot.

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