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New Admin

Good morning, I apologize if this comes across wrong, but I’‘m new to the admin world. I manage a small network at a law firm that is in need of an IM solution like Wildfire. My only concern is from the threads there appears to be a large amount of line by line work that has to be done to install and support Wildfire. I’‘m seeking advice as to the level of complexity that Wildfire is. I’‘ve setup and manged multiple Windows 2003 servers, but I’'m not sure about this one. Any advice would be appreciated.

Environment: Windows Small Business Server 2003 running Exchange.


For the vast majority of people, Wildfire is extremely easy to setup and administer. It should only take a few minutes to get it running. Once it’‘s up, it should be a "forget about it until it’'s time to upgrade" type service. Commercial support for the server is also available from us (Jive Software).



To add to what Matt said, if you want a simple installation just install ‘‘out of the box’’ and run this would be the one for you. Most of us here have large infrastructures in place with 100’‘s or thousand’'s of users and want to tweak it to support existing authentication, or database types,etc.

If all you want to do is install on a server, add some user names for folks and go, then this is definitely for you. And later on when your company becomes EXTREMELY large and vastly successful You can call Matt and talk to him about that customer support agreement…


*Joe Admin…