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New AIM Buddies not authorized

I set up an aim registration for my server. The transport is located at aim.joecot.x.com . My current buddy list members show up (whatever@aim.joecot.x.com), and i can IM them, but I am unable to add new buddies through the transport. I add them as screenname@aim.joecot.x.com, but they show up as not authorized.

I IM myself from my other account, which works. I then add that account as a buddy, but it’s not authorized. I see nothing corresponding in the debug log. aim.joecot.x.com is a cname of joecot.x.com, and resolves correctly. Any ideas?

You shouldn’t need to register the aim hostname at all. Openfire doesn’t need it. =)

What client are you using? I don’t recall if I asked you this before. It’s hard to tell exactly where you are seeing that they are “not authorized”. =) Would you mind elaborating a bit?

This is with Gajim. The same occurred with Pidgin.

Here is the correspondence when adding the buddy:

The subscription is remove (denied?).

Any ideas? Kind of important to me

I’m planning on using the Gateway plugin as a dependency of a school project for this semester; being able to add new aim (icq, msn, etc) buddies through the transport would be necessary for that. I’d be willing to help you debug and diagnose the issue in any way I can. Is this a unique issue? Should I perhaps try an install in a different environment?

Would you mind following GATE-354 and seeing if perhaps those exceptions are showing up in your logs? (probably error log, maybe debug)