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New alpha 3 server does not check classpath for JDBC driver

When I was running the alpha 2 server, I was including my JDBC driver in the classpath when running the server. The server was able to locate the driver no problem.

Now, when I try the same thing with the alpha 3 server, the server cannot locate the JDBC driver. It can only locate the driver if I explicitly put the JDBC jar into the /lib directory.

It would be great if the server was able to check the classpath again for the JDBC driver.



Just wondering if this potential bug was verified or not…

…as I have the same problem in Alpha 4…

I have a bug filed against this issue but it’‘s low on the priority list. I’‘m considering alternate initialization schemes primarily to allow us to accommodate app-server installations and installation of other optional components in the XMPP server jvm. These changes will probably require a revisit of the classloader currently used in the server. A patch may be wasted effort so it’'s been pushed pretty far down on the priority list.

If this is a major issue though, I can bump the priority and come up with a workaround.

No, it’'s not a big deal at all…

Cool. It’‘s definitely on our radar. I’‘m hoping we’'ll have a nice, elegant solution in place before the product goes to beta.