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New Chat Application

Need suggestions for finalizing the architecture for my android chat application.

I am thinking to use OpenFire for this android app.

This Chat Application is for the conference chats.

The user will a have conference assigned to him. Many users can have multiple conferences assigned to them.

The administrator can assign the conference to each User on request.

When user login to the chat application he sees conference assigned to him like below:

Conference 1

Conference 2

Conference 3

He selects the conference he wants to message in and start sending the message.

Users associated with the same conference will get all his messages and they can reply him back in the same conference.

For any new messages, it show the new message notification on his chat app home screen like this

Conference 1 (2 new messages)

Conference 2

Conference 3 (10 new messages)

Now Director can have a group of the conference. For example, G1 is the group of conference 1 and conference 2.

So manager screen will look like:





Using G1 he can send the same message to all the conferences in G1 [Conference 1 & 2]at the same time.

Each conference will have some information associated with it like conference place, the name of the conference, subject.

A user associated with this conference can change this attribute at any time.

So folks, Is it a good choice to use open fire for this application? If yes what things I need to consider while designing this.

Do I need to make the changes in Openfire database? Any help would be really appreciated.