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New Database Structure


I am just learning this XMPP stuff. I just set it up on a test server. Right now I want to connect to a new database with completely new tables. For some reason when I try to login into the admin console it executes all the openfire database schema structure with the tables I just created.

My question is do I need to use the existing openfire db structure?


Also when I add queries to the openfire.xml file and run the admin console the xml file removes all the queries I entered. Why does it do this?


properties in the XML file are read during startup and written to the database. Then the file is written again with only little information.

Why do you want to replace the Openfire DDL with your own DDL? Openfire does expect that the database fields contain various values so it may be a bad idea to replace them.


Thanks for the reply…

First off I want to create a push data mechcanism something how twitter or gmail does by pushing data. So I need it to be hooked up to our database structure which I followed the documentation here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/db-integ ration-guide.html.

So does this mean that the Openfire database tables will be created in our DB structure?

What is also happening is I am adding my own queries in that openfire.xml file and when I start the admin console it removes the queries.

So how do I manage data to be push for our system application based on a certain database structure? This is what I am confused about…


the custom database integration mode is only for users (and groups). For Openfire this is an “external” existing database and it is read-only.

So Openfire uses the “USER” (and “GROUP”) table of an existing database but it still creates it’s own tables in its own database.

As only users and groups are stored externally I really wonder how you want to “push data”, unless you don’t write a plugin or component which does this.


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Ok i understand the fact that it needs the user & group tables…thanks

For the push data mechanism can I use XMPP & BOSH to do it? What does Gmail or Twitter use?

I don’t know exactly to go ahead about this…