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New extension for namespace "jabber❌delay" written

I have written an extenstion for the namespace above, that lets you pick out the timestamp of messages that are sended in delay. Like history messages that may get transmitted if connecting to a chatroom. We use it in our open source Learning Management System OLAT exactly for this reason. May it gets it into the upcoming release of xiff 2.0.0.


You get the extension here: http://www.olat.org/downloads/tools/extension.zip

Hey Guido,

Nice extension, but I think there is no real need to make the change to the Message.as class.

when you recieve a message event you can call:

var msgDelay:DelayExtension = msg.getAllExtensionsByNS(DelayExtension.NS)[0];


where msg is eventObj.data passed in to the EventHandler.

this way we can keep the Message Class clean. (or so I was told when I tried to do the same thing for my first Extension)



thanks for the hint! I’'ll fix this in my code.


I tried this, but I can’'t get any information…

What’‘s to do to make it work? like xhtml… It doesn’'t work…

Any idea?

It brings me undefined values…

I know this is a very old thread but I have just written this extension according to gepatto considerations. If anyone is interested I will gladly share it.

I am very interested