New Fastpath setup usage questions

So I just got the fastpath plugin installed onto our Opernfire Server v.3.7.1. I have created a workgroup (named “IT”), and inside that workgroup, created a queue (“Default Queue”).

The Default Queue was populated with a few agents, who have logged onto Spark 2.6.3 and have received the fastpath tab, and can see each other as ‘active agents’.

A ‘regular user’ can log onto Spark and add a contact with the name of the workgroup (IT@workgroup.chatter) and the contact appears. RegularUser attempts to send a message to IT@workgroup.chatter and is prompted for “Name”, “Email”, and “Question”, and a chat request pops up to currently logged on Agents. All expected behavior so far…and then the problem begins.

When any chat agent clicks ‘accept’ to the RegularUser’s chat request, no ‘chat box’ appears to the agent. The RegularUser seems to be in a chat at this time, but is not able to be communicated with. RegularUser has the option to “Do you want to receive another room invitation, yes or no?” but answering either “yes” or “no” seems to have no effect. Agents are not presented with another chat request, and the RegularUser cannot be communicated with.

What am I missing? Help, please?