New Feature : adding PC-to-PC call feature to Spark


I think it would be a good idea to have Spark call the otehr party’‘s computer. I think this needs an external SIP server too. I’'m not a technical person but I think this feature will be great! currently most IMs like Yahoo, Gtalk and others suppor this feature.

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Are you talking about VoIP or just PBX integration with IM client? VoIP is on the roadmap, but it’‘s not a tomorrow release feature. If someone want to set call using one’‘s IM client, one can use Asterisk PBX and Asterisk-IM plugin. In that case you will need to have IP phones, but you’'ll be able to have On Phone presence, or dial automaticly in Spark, etc.

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Thank you for the information. I mean VOIP indeed. Actually I was thinking of 3 different voice services to be integrated :

  1. PC-to-PC call: Like Gtalk or Yahoo pc-to-pc call. a free call between IM clients.

  2. PC-to-PHONE call: like Yahoo Voice services that allows you to charge your account and call any phone or cellular number in any country and depending on the country it charges your account. (for sure this service requires having a contract with a VOIP service provider)

  3. PHONE-to-PC call: Currently you can have landline phone numbers in 3 countries like USA, UK and France. This way when someone dials your number like +1 (513) 322-5200 ( my own phone in number using Yahoo Voice ), it will be connected to your IM client and you can answer the call. In case you’'re not online, the caller can leave a voice message. This service again needs a contract with such a company that has the hardware capability of this service for sure.

I want to start an online community & give my users the above mentioned services. How should I do that?

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No answer yet !?

myserver: a lot of work seems to be being done on a daily basis toward this goal in the Jingle branch of the smack library. Smack is what Spark uses to connect to XMPP servers like Jive’‘s Wildfire or Google’'s gtalk service.

I would imagine this work will be integrated into the main branch of smack and a future release, at which point it could be used in Spark or any other program to implement the features you requested. The Jingle branch is a java implementation of the same protocol that google released in libjingle. You can learn more here -->

You can visit the link below to keep track of the latest coding activity on this:

When it is complete, offering PC-to-PC calls for your users between themselves or other compatible networks (like google talk) will be simply a matter of having them installing a version of Spark that has the Jingle support.

Perhaps FreeSwitch will help you with the pc-to-phone portion of your project:

just FYI, i’'m not a developer. So i cant answer all your questions and give exact date (though even developers cant). As larz mentioned they are working on it, but it will take some time.


I use PBX integration with IM client,how can I add these function? Where should I add them?in spark or asterisk im?please help me!

Thanks in advance!!