New feature: database query statistics

Hey all,

I added a nifty feature today: JM-797. It lets you monitor the database queries that Wildfire executes. It’‘s a simple way to monitor performance of the database layer. It’‘s not meant to replace lower-level database monitoring, but people often find it hard to get their DBA to help out, and sometimes it’'s hard to monitor only for Wildfire traffic.

I attached a screenshot so you can see what this feature looks like in action. It will officially be in the 3.1.0 release.



Hi Matt,

a cool feature (; I shouldn’‘t say this ), and as you are usually using prepared statements I wonder why you don’'t do it using the search service:

“SELECT username FROM jiveUser WHERE username LIKE ‘’%foobar%’’”.

What I’‘m missing is a more accurate time measurement, displaying 0,10 or after some queries 20 ms makes me wonder why you can’‘t measure 3 ms and if you can’‘t why you display ms and not seconds with 2 digits. It may be of course an issue with the Sun JVM 1.5._06 or the processor I’‘m using but looking at the screen shot you did post I don’'t think so.

Is it possible to add an “Explain Plan” button for the databases which support this as described here ?

And a feature request: is it possible to hide cache hits completely? For me it makes little sense to see them as they are processed fast. They could make the statisic useless if one has 95% cache hits and users still complain about bad performace then these 5% will probably not be visible.


No way! Did I actually get positive feedback from LG?? Truly a momentous day, heh heh.

The timing will be more or less accurate depending on the operating system. I think that Windows doesn’'t support very accurate timing (10 ms), but Linux or Solaris do.

Explain support might be possible for a few databases, although that might be crossing over into what I think should be handled by DBAs with native tools.