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New feature request

Can we have a new feature for WIldfire that allows you to specify an ACL to control access to the external components.

This would allow you to resrtict which users could use the IM gateways such as pymsnt etc

Should this be done with WildFire, or the transports themselves? (I imagine it couldn’‘t hurt to have both for transports that -don’'t- implement acls) But I was planning on adding ACLs to PyAIM and PyICQ.

On the wildfire end, I might actually implement this as a general ACL that would work with s2s as well. I can’‘t really think of a reason why you would want to block people from talking to a particular external jabber server, but stranger things have happened, and it would be probably easier to block it early on rather than waiting to determine if it’‘s an external component or another jabber server entirely. Like what if your admin hated google and wanted to block gmail.com. ;D I’‘m just saying. Or you might find that a particular employee is chatting to friends all day instead of doing work, so you might want to just block that particular person from talking to anyone that isn’'t jabber.companya.com and jabber.companyb.com. Anyway, enough of my babble, you get the point. ;D

I just want to be able to restrict which employee have access to public IM servers to that it is for business use and they don’'t end up as you put it “chatting to friends all day instead of doing work”.

Adding ACLs to PyAIM and PyICQ would be fine but I would also want someone to add the same feature to Yahoo and PyMSN. Therefore I thought the best way to do it for all transports/gateways would be to add the ACL feature to the Wildfire external components.