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New Features

Dear Team,

We have openfire server version 3.7.1 and spark version 2.6.3. We would like to enable below feature on openfire or spark. Can you pls let us know if this possible via any plugin or any other way

  • Ability to video chat
  • Ability to white board with other users
  • Ability to access instant messaging from mobile devices (iPhone/Android devices)

Appriciate your help on this.


There is no official solution for any of these requests.

On video chat you can check this part of the forums (http://community.igniterealtime.org/community/plugins/red5) and maybe you will find a solution. Keyword would be Red5. Though setup can be tricky. Check the documents and blogpost posted by Dele, he is the author of Red5 plugins and is working on video chat.

There was a whiteboard plugin for Spark a while ago, but i’m not sure will it work with current Spark. Not supported. http://www.version2software.com/v2whiteboard.html

There is no mobile Spark version. There are many other xmpp/jabber mobile clients. You can try them, you can search the forums and find threads about various mobile clients.