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New idea for Spark

hi everyone

i dedicated to keeping the power of the Web in people’s hands

so i made some changes to Spark - latest version - and i changed the name of the program

from Spark to breezeIM

to make the program free to use to any one on this world !

i want it to be just like windows live or yahoo with inbox etc …

Particularly that the Windows Live will soon close permanently

so i need your agree on this project, and of course the rights remain to you

like this : BreezeIM is Totally made by: Jive Software, and Developed by: Kian Foundation Copyright ©

if you have any idea for this just let me know and start working together

thank you so much !

First of all, you should post a discussion, not a document for your questions. Spark is not developed by JiveSoftware anymore. It is a product of IgniteRealtime.org community. Spark is under Apache License. I’m not a laywer, but his an excerpt from wikipedia:

The Apache License is considered permissive in that it does not require modified versions of the software to be distributed using the same license (unlike copyleft licenses - see comparison). In every licensed file, any original copyright, patent, trademark, and attribution notices in redistributed code must be preserved (excluding notices that do not pertain to any part of the derivative works); and, in every licensed file changed, a notification must be added stating that changes have been made to that file.

If a NOTICE text file is included as part of the distribution of the original work, then derivative works must include a readable copy of these notices within a NOTICE text file distributed as part of the derivative works, within the source form or documentation, or within a display generated by the derivative works (wherever such third-party notices normally appear).

The contents of the NOTICE file do not modify the license, as they are for informational purposes only, and adding more attribution notices as addenda to the NOTICE text is permissible, provided that these notices cannot be understood as modifying the license. Modifications may have appropriate copyright notices, and may provide different license terms for the modifications.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any contributions submitted by a licensee to a licensor will be under the terms of the license without any terms and conditions, but this does not preclude any separate agreements with the licensor regarding these contributions.

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Regardless of licensing, it it already “free to use to any one on this world”. It is open source.

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yup you’re right i’m sorry about that

thank you now i got it

true but if you don’t have server or don’t know one have it you cant use it right ?!